Where we started.

Photo by Jasmin Guerrero @ CSUN Senior Showcase 2014

Four Ingenieros Foundation started with a group of four STEM classmates who took leadership positions in our SHPE Ingenium student chapter at Santa Barbara City College.  During our time with SHPE they were able to work well together with similar visions for their SHPE Ingenium chapter. After transferring to a four year university they took those skills attained from attending conferences and workshops onto the next level of their education. Their friendship and collaborative efforts lived on after their time at SBCC and they had different backgrounds and experiences trying to navigate through the educational pipeline.  The four ingenieros saw the need for more involvement and the need to expose STEM students at a much earlier time in their educational careers.  We feel that being exposed to and participating in different opportunities allows students to gain the skills and confidence to finish a career in STEM.  We are very excited to start our professional journey and STEM advocacy through our foundation and we hope to serve as a support group for our future engineers and scientists.