Santa Barbara Gives and Four Ingenieros Foundation

VIDEO: We are the Four Ingenieros Foundation Students

Four Ingenieros Foundation has been selected as one of the non-profits to participate in the launch of Santa Barbara Gives!. SB Gives! is a year-end holiday fundraising program that is intended to leverage the resources of The Santa Barbara Independent and The Fund for Santa Barbara to create a new network of donors for nonprofit organizations serving Santa Barbara county. Four Ingenieros Foundation has set a goal to fundraise $8,000 to support our scholarships, engineering competitions, and many more STEM events that benefit Santa Barbara's underrepresented STEM students. Please donate and support our students who need extra support to pursue their dreams.

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Four Ingenieros Foundation Founders 2017

Four Ingenieros Foundation Founders 2017

The 4 "Inges" Engineers

We struggled, we fought, and we achieved to get our degrees. That is why we created this foundation, to give back and help these students achieve their dreams in the STEM fields. They are the future scientists, engineers, and mathematicians that will predict, morph and create our future.

- Juan Zepeda - Co-Founder

Four Ingenieros Foundation Engineering Competition 2017

THe Funds

Donations will be put towards helping students financially, towards books, tuition, etc., and towards STEM programs. This will help students gain experience with engineering projects early on in their education. As a result, students will obtain internships and research opportunities and at the same time, build their professional networks.