The concept of un ingeniero es para siempre which in translation says “an engineer is forever” was born with the idea of preserving and celebrating our contributions to our country, our culture and our communities. If we look at our history every important and most influential empires had a system of government, a food system, architectural monuments and buildings, engineering feats that even today are hard to comprehend given their level of difficulty and intricacy.

During your college years very little is mentioned about our cultural background and the important innovations their systems represented for their time. With so much focus on core classes many aren’t able to connect their cultural background with STEM and we are given many examples of innovators by way of Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton and countless others. Although these are important figures who have shaped our world and allowed for the understanding of difficult concepts in science, mathematics and engineering there is still a disconnection to our culture. We stem from civilizations who understood many concepts that were ahead of their time, some which include, astronomy, mathematics, architecture and agriculture. The concept of zero was used and understood widely by the Olmecs, Aztec astronomers looked at a still pool of water to understand the stars, their alignment and creation of calendars. Mayan civilizations understood water management creating aqueduct systems to transport and store water during rainy seasons. The Inca’s build a system of roads that helped messengers and trade navigate through their mountainous terrains. As far as architecture, buildings and monuments still stand strong today, from Egypt, India and the Americas.

All this is a reminder that we come from great civilizations of mathematicians, scientists and engineers. You have within you the ability to become and the ability to achieve great things in any area of STEM. The work you put in to any company or institution in our society will live on forever. Remember #uningenieroesparasiempre when you are faced with adversity, difficult times with school courses, projects, as professionals in your every day to day tasks in industry and connect yourself with our cultural greatness. Let it be a reminder that we are more than capable and anything you set your mind to is attainable. Most importantly use #uningenieroesparasiempre to celebrate important achievements, life milestones and recognitions, continuing to add to the work our past civilizations started.

- Neftali Aguilera