2017 FIF Engineering Competition

On April 8th 2017 our foundation had the privilege of hosting the Four Ingenieros Foundation (FIF) Engineering Competition at Santa Barbara City College. Four Ingenieros Foundation partnered with Title III STEM Grant, Removing Barriers to STEM Success at Santa Barbara City College with the generous support from The Fund for Santa Barbara. This collaboration helped FIF host 80 Students for an all-day robotics engineering competition using a Boe-Bot Kit and PBasic. Twenty teams of four were formed, these teams were composed of both Santa Barbara City Colle and Allan Hancock students. Each team was guided by a professional to both guide, mentor and ultimately push each team to successfully complete the competition. The main objective for each team was to build a robot that would traverse three obstacles courses each presenting different challenges and a different level of difficulty.

No words can explain how proud FIF is of all the student participants, volunteers and supporters for believing in our vision and goal for this event. The 2017 FIF Engineering Competition was a huge success and demonstrates how committed FIF is to providing opportunities but more importantly exposing underrepresented students to STEM. This is just the start of many events that will push the mission of FIF so one day we see our vision fulfilled.


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Competition Winners

Track 1 (Intermediate Algebra and Below )

1st Place

  • Juan Perez
  • Jose Fuentes
  • Carol Sanchez
  • Olivia Mora

2nd Place

  • Nicholas Lambert
  • Mixty Espinoza
  • Joshua Ratelle

3rd Place

  • Ana Medina
  • Zadkiel Castaneda
  • Andrea Black

Track 2 (Pre-Calculus and Above)

1st Place

  • Robert Williams
  • Edson Rodrigues Ribeiro Junior
  • Breanna Minnick

2nd Place

  • Maria Lopez
  • William Gonzalez
  • Jose Garcia
  • Armando Ibarra

3rd Place

  • Rodrigo Gonzalez
  • Marcos Ramirez
  • Daniel Gonzalez
  • Almendra Valenzuela Aparicio

Competition Pictures

Opening Ceremony + Keynote + Programming 101 

Robot Building + Mentorship

Obstacle Courses + Judging 

Awards Ceremony 

Student Quotes

Great event that anyone can essentially do, no matter the skill level. Hard to believe I’ve been here since 8AM!
— Student
It was a very fun experience being able to apply my knowledge to an actual application. As well as further develop my programming skills.
— Student
This was a really great experience! At first I didn’t know what to expect, but we all worked together as a team and it ended up being really fun. Challenging setbacks, but that was the best part, figuring out what works and what does not. I hope you guys do another competition like this!!! Thanks for everything, much appreciated :)
— Student
Words of inspiration helped a lot! Advice was great, bringing in Cal Poly students helped a lot but feel the four Ingenieros stories of their trails, troubles, struggles helped me realize that i can make it! :)
— Student
Thank you for the opportunity. I really enjoyed working with my mentor
— Student
Everything was amazing!
— Student
Amazing! Thanks for the opportunity, now, I am not too scared to learn more programming!
— Student
Please do it again!
— Student
The speakers were very inspiring! I loved every minute of today, from speakers, and their inspiring stories, to the robotics engineering competiton.
— Student
This was so much fun!!! Loved working with my mentor
— Student

Competiiton Student Data

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Circuit Experience

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