FIF Engineering Competition 2019

On Saturday, April 20, 2019, the Four Ingenieros Foundation Engineering Competition took place at Apeel Sciences in Goleta, California. Every year we target STEM underrepresented community college students so they gain experience and insight into the world of engineering and science. This year's theme was product requirements and customer interactions. The six teams were challenged with automating the sorting of colored trays based on a set order. They were provided a linear platform, a conveyor belt, and an Arduino kit to solve the problem. Mid-competition, the customer added a new requirement. The trays would not enter the assembly line in a set order, therefore a color sensor was required for sorting. This task challenged the team of six interdisciplinary engineers to work together following requirements under a set time period to deliver their solution.

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1st Place - Team Blueberry

(Left to Right) [Reyna Sanchez - Mentor], Stephanie Echeverria, Diego Ramirez, Rodrigo Gonzalez, Mary Grace Sy, Karina Portugal, [Armando Veloz - Mentor]

2nd Place - Team Strawberry

(Left to Right) Christopher [Fernando Estevez - Mentor], Brandon Molina, Daryl Delgado, Sofia Altamirano-Ramirez, Samuel Gutierrez

3rd Place - Team Asparagus

(Left to Right) Michel Hernandez, Gene Ramirez, Jorge Aguilera, Anali Salazar, Hector Pule, Lizbeth Mendoza, [Celina Lazaro - Mentor]

Event Pictures

Student Quotes

…these competitions have pushed me to the limits I thought I was limited to but throughout the years of participating, I find myself surpassing the limits I put on myself and proving myself wrong.” - FIF EC Student

I left the competition more determined than ever to continue pursuing a bachelor's and master's in engineering! - FIF EC Student

The project also was difficult enough that pushes each member of the group to go above and beyond for the team. Also, am very thankful for the opportunity the foundation has given us and for the help of the all of the mentors and volunteers. It is an experience that I will always go back to remember how it was to work into teams and build something that is complex and functional. The competition itself was very challenging, but I'm grateful I was given the chance to to compete and learn from wise and experienced mentors and individuals around me. Thank you! - FIF EC Student

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